Print fairs, renovations, etc.

Pablo Picasso: "La Rentrée du Taureau", 1945; lithograph

As fall approaches, we’re gearing up for one of the print world’s biggest events: New York Print Week. We have been attending for over 20 years, and always look forward to meeting new collectors, artists, and dealers, as well as reconnecting with fellow gallery owners.

There are some good changes in the air. With the fluctuations in the economy, the approach to sales must adjust. As our transactions now take place mostly through our website, we’ve had to change our approach to the way we exhibit at print fairs. Last year, we decided to try a new fair during the New York Print Week. We’ve participated in the International Fine Print Dealers Association‘s New York fair for nearly two decades, and while it has always been a wonderful event, the gallery’s direction has changed. Last year we were invited to try something new. The smaller venue and more intimate feel of the salon-style Lighthouse Way Fine Print and Drawing fair, hosted by Art International/OSAT Co., seemed like it would suit the Annex. Last year’s first run was a positive experience, and we have decided we would try it again this year.

In preparation for the fair we’ve put together an extensive selection of works that highlight our current focal points: Abstract Expressionism from the 1940s through the 1960s; S.W. Hayter’s Atelier 17; and an expanded Gustave Baumann inventory, as well as some very recent acquisitions.

George Bellows: "Benediction in Georgia", 1916; lithograph

We hope you can make it out to see us. If you are interested in attending, we would be happy to provide you with a printable ticket for a complimentary admission for two. You can find more details on our website’s print fair schedule page, here.

Gustave Baumann: "Strangers From Hopiland", 1921; color woodcut

Sue Fuller: "Hen", 1945; softground etching and engraving

In the meantime, we’ve been renovating the gallery, reorganizing the inventory and improving our website. We hope you will get the chance to visit our gallery and see firsthand what we have to offer. Our website has recently undergone a major overhaul and we’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback. We’re always striving to make the website easy to navigate, and want to provide clientele with comprehensive and accurate descriptions of the work and the artists we represent. Please let us know what you think!

Ansel Adams: "Yosemite Falls - Yosemite Nat. Park", ca. 1945; vintage silver print

About Annex Galleries

The Annex Galleries holds one of the largest original fine print inventories on the West Coast. With over 9,000 works, we specialize in (but are not limited to) original prints of the WPA era, Arts & Crafts movement, and Abstract Expressionism through the 1960's, with a focus on American and Californian artists both known and unknown. We have everything from Durer to Baumann to Picasso.
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