Happy Holidays from the Annex Galleries!

To celebrate the holidays, we want to offer print and art lovers a glimpse into our wide array of beautiful prints with small prices. From $50 to $200, this blog illustrates just a small selection of these prints from our website, but be sure to check out the inventory under “price range- lowest to highest” (be sure to scroll down a bit).

We believe that fine art should be available to everyone, and that to put a price on art is a difficult task when beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. The art of printmaking lends itself to a much broader price range than most other mediums, so don’t let the price tag fool you! Peruse the images and you’ll see that these works every bit as wonderful in technique, style, and subject matter as their costlier contemporaries.

Gustaf Adolf Tennggren: "Ballerinas", $100

Betsy Anderson: "Colorful Fields 153", $100

John De Rosa: (Portrait of a girl), $100

David Avery: "Epiphenomenon", $160

John A. Will, Jr. :"Haiti (siesta)", $175

Margo Bors: "Lupine", $100

Arthur James Dudley: "Loch Assynt, Sutherland", $50

Allen Lewis: "La Porte Guillaume, Chartres", $200

Fumiaki Fukita: Untitled abstraction, $175

Oscar Pollak: Untitled (penguins), $125

Magda French: "Roddy Road Bridge", $50

Charles O'Connor: "Evening in Chinatown", $90

Tsukioka Kogyo: "Nogaku Hyakuban (from 100 Noh Dramas)", $150

Stanley Quackenbush: "Man of Distinction", $125

Dennis Revitsky: "Desert Night", $50

R.J. Durand: "String Quartet", $150

William Zacha: "Odawara", $200

Akira Matsumoto: Untitled (Tree and bird), $80

Ruth Johnson: Untitled (Rabbit), $100

John Depol: "Winter", $90

Charles Richert: "Prospect Harbor, Maine", $125

About Annex Galleries

The Annex Galleries holds one of the largest original fine print inventories on the West Coast. With over 9,000 works, we specialize in (but are not limited to) original prints of the WPA era, Arts & Crafts movement, and Abstract Expressionism through the 1960's, with a focus on American and Californian artists both known and unknown. We have everything from Durer to Baumann to Picasso.
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2 Responses to Happy Holidays from the Annex Galleries!

  1. We have several Charles O’Connor prints in our collection. Do you have biographical information on him?
    George Palovich, retired Curator and advisor to the Board of Trustees, West Valley Art Museum (www.wvam.org). contact: info@wvam.org

    • We do not have a biography for O’Connor at this time, but we do try to update bios as often as possible/when possible. I will see what I can come up with and hopefully I will be able to put something up on our website soon. Thank you for your interest! –Oona Risling-Sholl

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