Beth van Hoesen etchings from “The Nude Man” series.

We just got a number of etchings by Beth van Hoesen that are from a series of 25 images of nude men done in 1965. The series, “The Nude Man” was published by Crown Point Press, Berkeley and printed by Crown Point Press founder Kathan Brown in 1965. The total edition was 50, 25 of which were bound and 25 boxed portfolios.

Kathan Brown moved Crown Point to Berkeley from Richmond, California in 1963 where it was in the basement of a house until moving again to Oakland in 1972.
“The Nude Man” portfolio was published by Crown Point in 1965 following portfolios by Richard Diebenkorn (41 Etchings / Drypoints) and Wayne Thiebaud (Delights).

Beth van Hoesen had worked with John Ihle at San Francisco State College and was drawn to engraving and the line that can be created with drypoint. Her early etchings are sparse, precise and representational. Her interest in the portrait was evident early in her career and she has returned to it over and over.

Her background and experiences with life drawing sparked the series of “The Nude Man” which is composed of various men of diverse shapes, ages, and ethnicity in different positions. A few explore the patterns of chest hair. Though the subjects are nude, they are not erotic nor exploitative, just straight forward studies. As such they were unusual for the time and remain one of the better examples of figure drawing in etching and drypoint.

Here is a link to other images from this series and other prints by van Hoesen in inventory at

From "The Nude Man" seriesFrom "The Nude Man" seriesFrom "The Nude Man" series.

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